Swift Current Mixed Slo-Pitch League
Membership Information
1) Player Eligibility
• All players must be 16 years of age or older by the commencement of the season
2) Playoff Eligibility
• Players must have played a minimum of 25% of the scheduled league games, and may only play for the team that has put him or her on their official roster for that season
3) Roster
• A team consists of a minimum of 8 players, with a maximum of 10 taking the field at any time. The line up taking the field must always include a minimum of 3 players of each gender
• Names on the roster must be full legal names due to the insurance coverage (no nick names please)
• Rosters to be completed and submitted by May 31st. Players are only permitted to be on one teams’ roster during the season.
• A maximum of 20 players may be listed on a teams roster
• If player has an injury during the season, please indicate on the bottom of each score sheet during regular season
• All players on the batting order must take their turn at bat as well as play a minimum of 3 innings in the field during a 7 inning game. No pinch hitters are allowed, in case of injury, a player may be removed from the batting order without penalty. The player may not take the field or return to the batting order for the rest of that game without the permission of both teams. Once a batting line up is made no changes are allowed without notifying the opposing team. Should a team fielding a line up which includes 7 members of one gender and 3 of the opposite gender suffer an injury to one of the 3 aforementioned players, the following rule applies. The game will continue with the team with the injured player fielding 9 players. The said team is to take an out the first time the injured player would have batted and then remove the player from the roster without further penalty. The opposition must be notified upon such an occurrence.
• Late arriving players may join a game in progress if:
i. Their team has not yet completed one rotation through the batting order, or
ii. The player’s name was on the batting order at the beginning of the game. In this case, if the player’s turn at bat occurs before they arrive at the game they will be marked as an out on the score sheet.
iii. Play may begin with less than 3 members of the opposite sex, but only 9 fielders may be in the field at that time. The 3rd member of the opposite sex shall be listed on the lineup, but will be recorded as an out if he/she does not arrive to the field in time for their scheduled at bat. This continues as an out for the duration of the game if he/she does not appear for the game at all.
• If one team cannot field a team 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game a win will be awarded to the other team by default
i. The score of 7 to 0 will be recorded on the score sheet
ii. The score sheet must still be completed with players’ names etc.
• Substitute runners (courtesy Runner) – may be used (provided the batter has safely reached base) a maximum of 3 times per game. The substitute runner must be on the batting roster and the team cannot use the same runner twice. (Male substitute for Male, Female substitute for Female)
4) Equipment
• Each home team must supply at least 2 regulation softballs in new or good condition that meets the approval of both teams. No rubber balls are allowed.
• Only wood or aluminum softball bats are to be used. No baseball bats are allowed.
i. See the affiliate rules for non-legal bats (executive will provide each team representative with a current list at the beginning of the season)
ii. Any team found to be using an illegal bat during regular season or playoff play will be subject to a $100 fine. (Amended April 8, 2010)
• No steel spikes

Constitution and By-Law
Article I: Title and Location of Office
The name of the organization is “Swift Current Mixed Slo-Pitch Association” hereinafter referred to as “The League” or “SCMSPA”. The location of its office shall be the Presidents residence or, at such other place in the said city as may at any time be decided upon by the member at a general meeting.

Article II: The Objective of The League:

a) To promote the sport of Slo-Pitch
b) To provide men and women the opportunity to compete in a sport on an equal and fair basis
c) To work in co-operation with the National Slo-Pitch Association through membership in the National Slo-Pitch Association to further improve and organize the sport
d) To financially help improve the playing facilities as we see fit to make the game safer for all members

Article III: Membership
• Any team or individual may become a member of the League upon application payment of a prescribed membership fee, and approval of Executive.
• Any team may withdraw from The League at any time, but upon withdrawal the team shall not be entitled to a refund or any portion of the membership fee that has been paid
• The annual membership fee shall be paid no later than the Annual General Meeting held in Mid-April.
• A $100 refundable performance bond must be paid in addition to League Membership fees. This bond may be refunded at the seasons’ end, or may be held over for continuing seasons for that team. (Ammended April 15, 2008)

Article IV: Performance Bond
• Failure to provide 24 hours notice to opposing team when cancelling a scheduled game will result in a $25 fine to the team that has caused the cancelled game. The League will divide the fine as follows: $12.50 to the League, and $12.50 to the affected team.
• Failure to provide a team representative to a mandatory League event or meeting will result in a $25 fine to said team.
• A $10 fine to the Home team that does not remove and return the bases and strike plate to the designated areas at each diamond.
• A $25 fine to BOTH teams that plays a game on the Patterson diamonds when the diamonds have been officially closed by the City of Swift Current.
• The performance bond must be replenished to its full $100 value prior to that team to be permitted to participate in any playoff format.
• Should the full $100 be used during the regular season prior to the finish of the regular season, that team will be considered suspended and have all games forfeited until the performance bond is again paid in full to the League.

Article V: Obligations to Membership
• The annual meeting of The League shall be held no later that the 31st day of August, at such place and time as shall be determined by the Executive.
• The spring start up meeting shall be held no later than the 15th day of April at such place and time shall be determined by the Executive
• A special general meeting of The League may be called by the President and/or the Executive Committee if and when they consider it necessary, but they shall call a special general meeting when requested to do so in writing by at least 50%
• A quorum at any meeting of The League shall be a maximum of 50% plus 1 of the eligible teams. There shall be no proxy vote (amended March 28, 1994)
• Notice of a league meeting shall be given to the members by means of advertising of individual notices, as may be decided by The League Executive. This notice shall be given not less than seven days prior to the meeting
• In the event a quorum is not present and decision has to be made The Executive may make that decision, in respect to items on the agenda sheet provided to all team reps at least seven days prior to said meeting
• Voting shall be by ballot in the case of an election of the Executive is requested by at least four voting members
• In the case of equality of votes, the President shall have the deciding vote
• All League meetings are open to all members, but each team is allowed only one voting delegate per meeting
• All Annual Meetings must be advertised and reps notified

Article VI: Executive Officers
a) The Executive Officers of The League shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and they shall be elected by eligible team reps. The Executive Officers shall serve in their respective offices for a two year term. In the event that a position is retired, the remaining Executive shall appoint an individual for the duration of the term
b) The Executive Officers shall have the power to deal with all matters of business arising between regular meetings of the membership but matters of policy must be referred to the membership for a final decision.
Duties of Executive
a) President: The president shall assume general supervision of The League and its Officers. He/ she shall preside and preserve order at all meetings of The League and perform or delegate all other duties that are usual for such an officer
b) Vice-President: In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform such duties as the President would otherwise and shall perform all duties delegated by the President
c) Secretary: The secretary shall maintain the records and minutes in writing of all proceedings which take place at meetings of The League, or arrange for the same. He/she shall be responsible for maintaining the register of members of The League
d) Treasurer: The treasurer shall monitor all financial transactions and he/she shall certify the accuracy of all transactions of his/her office, and shall make a full written report of the same to the Annual Meeting and also at the meetings of the Executive or as required by the President. The treasurer shall supply The League with an audited financial statement at the Annual Meeting
a) Signing authority: any two Officers of the Executive shall be authorized to draw and sign cheques, bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments

Article VII: Constitution Amendments
Amendments and or additions to the constitution can only be made when a quorum of voting delegates is present at a general meeting. All intended amendments and or additions to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Executive and minimum of thirty days prior to said meeting.

Article VIII: Season Duration
The season will consist of a minimum number of games, with each team having an equal number of home and visitor games, and must play each team at least once. The minimum of games can be amended annually at the Fall Annual Meeting. (Reference to Fall Meeting removed April 11, 2000).

Article IX: League Termination
In the event of dissolution or termination of the League, all its remaining assets after payment of liabilities, shall be distributed to one or more recognized charitable organizations in Canada as may be decided by The League in a General Meeting.
Organization – Constitution and By-Law continued…

Article X: Conflict of Interest
All decisions regarding league business must be made in the best profitable interest of the league. No entity of the executive committee or his/her business should manipulate or monopolize the league for its own profit or benefit. (Added April 11, 2000)

League Operations
1) Divisional Structure
• The executive will look at the number of team register and the teams will be divided up into the number of divisions needed upon the decision of the executive

2) Umpiring
• Batting team is responsible for providing an umpire to make all calls pertaining to the game. These calls include determining fair/foul balls, baserunner calls at all bases and all pitching calls. The umpire should be positioned near home plate and able to move into the playing area to make umpiring decisions. (Amended April, 2014)

3) Awarding Points
• 2 points awarded for a win and 1 point will be awarded for a tie

4) Score Sheets
• Score sheets must be left in the boxes provided in each dugout
• Full Name must be recorded legibly on the score sheets (legal first & last names NO NICK NAMES)
• The names on the roster must match the names on the score sheets (if there’s a name change, please let the executive aware so it can be updated with the insuring agency)
• Both of the team representatives must sign the score sheets
• Defaulted games please fill out the score sheet with players names and place in the boxes provided in each dugout

5) Responsibilities
Home Team Responsibilities
• Place all bases (first, second and third) in the marked areas on the diamond
• Return all bases (first, second and third) to the designated areas ON the bench to avoid damage. Failure to do so will result in a $10 fine from the performance bond.
• The Home plates can be placed behind the benches in the dug out
• Providing the score sheets that are supplied by the executive
• Placing the completed score sheets in the designated box in the dugouts
• Must supply 2 regulation softballs in new or good condition that meets the approval of both teams

6) Game Cancellation (amended April 19, 2007)
• The City of Swift Current will determine whether or not the diamonds are playable due to weather conditions. Gates will be closed to the access of the roads.
• Games are not allowed to be played when the city has closed the diamonds. A fine will be issued to the teams that play on the diamonds when games are cancelled.
• 24 hours notice is required to opposing team representatives to cancel a game. The game is to be re-scheduled at a later date upon the consensus of both teams. Open diamonds between Sunday thru Friday is on a first come-first serve basis and must be booked through the League Scheduler.

7) Regular Season Game Commencement (amended April 19, 2007)
• Game begins at the scheduled times, there’s a 15 minute grace period
• Games must be completed in a 90 minute period or in 7 innings or a tie is recorded. If the game can’t be completed, the score from the last completed inning will be recorded
• Game points will be awarded (2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss)

League Rules
Affiliate Rules
• League affiliate rules and regulations will be given to each team representative will receive a rule book to keep on hand during the season

Additional League Rules
• The League and its members shall play the game with a 12” ball for the men, and a smaller 11” ball for the ladies. The females have the option of hitting either ball, the men do not. (Amended April 14, 2009)
• It is the responsibility of both the batter and pitcher to ensure the proper ball is in play. If a series of pitches have already occurred and the wrong ball is found to be used, the pitch count continues as is, and the proper ball is replaced immediately. (Amended April 14, 2009)
• Should a male batter walk on any count with a female batter on deck, the male batter is awarded 2 bases. The female batter must take her at bat.
• No leadoffs from any base unless contact is made with the ball by the batter. If lead off is taken that baserunner is considered out.
• Sliding is not permitted at first base or at the safe line at home plate. Sliding is permitted at all other bases (and at first if the baserunner is returning to the base)
• Pitching arc must be from 6 to 12 feet in height
• A “no pitch” shall be called by the umpire as soon as he/she realizes that the pitch is illegal. A no pitch is considered a dead ball and is neither a ball nor a strike. However, should the batter still swing at the pitch, the ball is considered live and must be played out accordingly.
• Any batted ball that hits the wooden strike plate shall be considered a foul ball, regardless of whether the ball lands in fair or foul territory
• A maximum of 7 runs allowed per inning. Only the 7th inning shall be considered open, where an unlimited amount of runs can be scored (Amended May 1, 2016)

• The baserunner will be considered out if he/she touches any of the white portion of the safety bag at first base. The baserunner, however is not out should they be rounding first base in an attempt to make a play towards second base.
• The baserunner will be considered safe if the fielder at first base makes contact with any of the orange portion of the safety bag.
• A commitment line must be used 20 feet from home plate marked on the infield dirt perpendicular to the 3rd base foul line. Any player that crosses this line must continue home and may not return to 3rd base. They are eligible to be put out by a force play at home.
• The runner will be considered out should they touch the home plate. The safe line is all that needs to be crossed.
• The baserunner is liable to be tagged out by any infielder while running any of the base paths including home to first and third to home.
• Any foul tip by the batter that is caught by the back catcher will be considered an out, regardless of the height of the tipped ball.
• No bunting is allowed.
• The batter is not permitted to switch hands during the same at bat. Whatever side of the plate he/she addresses when first stepping into the batters box must be the same side he/she finishes the at bat.
• Pitcher/catcher combination must be opposite sex. i.e. male pitcher must have a female catcher, female pitcher must have a male catcher.
• A 20 run mercy rule is in effect after 4+ complete innings. The score will be frozen at that point for recording purposes, however teams may continue to play for fun and enjoy a night at the diamonds.

1) Unsportsmanlike Conduct
• Unsportsmanlike conduct comes in many forms and degrees of severity. Although other forms exist, the scope of this constitution limits itself to three (3) of the most common forms, and these are listed in Section 2.
• Other forms of Unsportsmanlike conduct shall be dealt with on an individual basis.
• The punishment for such conduct will be no more or less, whether it is directed towards a fellow player in the The League, and Executive member, an umpire or a spectator.
• Unsportsmanlike conduct away from the game site may be deemed ball related and dealt with in the same manner.
2) Unacceptable Behavior
• Physical strike: A physical strike by any member of the The League as a result of League activities shall result in the suspension of that member for a period of one (1) year from the date of the incident. Following the suspension, re-admission may only be granted through a General meeting vote with majority 2/3 in attendance affirmative vote.

• Threats: Any member, who threatens to strike someone as a result of League activities, will be suspended for the balance of the season. Following suspension, re-admission may only be granted through a General meeting vote with majority 2/3 in attendance affirmative vote.
• Verbal abuse: verbal abuse or general threat will result in a penalty ranging from a warning to a one year suspension, depending on the extent, the severity and the nature of the abuse
3) Process to Follow
• The plaintiff should report unsportsmanlike conduct, in writing, to the President. Such reports should be fully documented and signed by the game umpire, if applicable. Reports must be submitted within forty-eight (48) hours of the infraction.
• A quorum of the Executive will meet to discuss each report. The plaintiff and the Accused will be invited to attend and give their side of the story. In their absence, the Executive will rule on the matter.
• The Executive decision will not be put to a General League meeting.
• Any member of The League who feels they have been unjustly penalized may appeal the decision, in writing, to the President, within 48 hours of his notification. After reviewing the situation, the President’s decision will be final.